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Bosch Static Control Ltd is a ESD & Clean Room Manufacturing & Supply Company with a Specialized Sales Office in China with regular & controlled contact with production and suppliers.

Bosch Static Control Ltd operates with a commitment to excellence and to support the Global Production of the World's Electronic & Clean Room Companies.

The products we supply play an important role in the assembly process of many products such as Computers, TVs, Mobile phones, Medical components, Smart appliances, Automobiles and other Consumer products.

We offer a broad range of ESD & Clean Room Solutions
Fundamental to our success is our dedicated team of expert people, servicing customers worldwide
Supplying High Quality ESD & Clean Room Consumables and Static Control Products with a Focus on ESD Shield Bags, ESD Moisture Barrier Bags, ESD Office Products, ESD Gloves, ESD Safe Bottles, ESD & Cleanroom Consumables etc.

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